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Credit Card Processing with eCommerce Pro, Inc.

Credit Card Processing Solutions

Whether you have a brick and mortar retail location or an eCommerce business, we provide the options you need to process payments at virtually any location, even if the credit or debit card is not physically present. The latest solutions can help you stay ahead of the competition with the ability of using online transactions, including turning your existing computer equipment into a payment processing terminal.


Using one of our recommended payment gateways, this is the most popular and flexible method of credit card processing. You get a virtual terminal which gives you the ability to manually process any credit card order yourself anywhere - as long as you have access to the internet. It’s the perfect choice that allows you to automatically process credit card orders from your website in real time, 24 hours a day.

Point of Sale Terminals

This is the most popular method to process for store-front locations where the credit card is going to be physically present and swiped, although you can also use terminals for card not present where the transaction is 'keyed' in. Terminals come in all shapes and sizes, and most have built in printers. We carry the most popular state of the art terminals from Hypercom, Lipman Nurit, and Verifone, all at bargain prices. Most communicate via a standard phone line, and some communicate using an Internet connection where no phone line is needed.


Wireless payment solutions allow you to take the transaction directly to your customer. You no longer need a physical telephone line or even an electrical outlet. Authorization for a customer’s purchase is available virtually anywhere, anytime. Wireless payments add a low cost, high-tech solution that reduces your credit acceptance risk while providing a unique customer service.

We offer several state-of-the-art wireless terminals. These terminals use a wireless network to communicate instead of a phone line. And because they operate using a rechargeable battery system, they can be used virtually anywhere. Wireless terminals also provide the ultimate in flexibility and can be used for both 'keyed' and 'swiped' transactions. Check out the latest in wireless technology with the Way System Wireless Solution (481K, PDF).

Processing Software

We offer three different software packages for both Windows and Mac computers. Software is the perfect option if you already have a desktop or laptop computer. The advantage of software, is that it keeps an electronic copy of all transactions, allowing you to do searches and print reports. Software can be used for 'keyed' transactions and with an optional USB swiper it can also be used for card present swiped transactions.

Quickbooks® Integration

For all Internet accounts using the USA ePay payment gateway, you can download all your transaction data directly into Quickbooks®. This is a great time saver and is a great solution for Internet businesses that also use Quickbooks®. (Quickbooks® Integration Presentation)(15MB, PPT).

iPhone® Payments

iPhone® has a credit card terminal! Credit card transactions are conducted through an Authorize.Net online gateway via the iPhone® credit card application. Merchants can download the application through Apple Inc.'s App Store.

eCommerce Pro, in an effort to be at the forefront of innovation, as new payment technologies emerge we will continue to embrace such advancements. Being compatible with products such as the iPhone allows us to add another level of service to our merchants.

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